The Shutesbury Athletic Club sponsors two 8-ball teams in the Franklin County Pool League, 
which plays on Thursday evenings, beginning at 7pm.  The teams alternates home matches
with "away" matches at other League venues in Franklin County.

Monday Special:  Free pool all evening. 
(Some restrictions may apply - ask the bartender.)

We have two pool tables, so even on League nights,
one table remains available for open play.  

Shutesbury Athletic Club team in the Franklin County Pool League


The Shutesbury Athletic Club "AC Deuces" current lineup:

John Sullivan - Captain; Paul Vlach, Fred Steinberg, Ben Brau,
 Dot Glidden, Ray Cusson, and Joe Cunningham

The AC Aces team
Brad Spry - Captain; Tom Drake, Jason Fair, Mark Lelacheur
Huckle May, Julio Mendez and Kevin Balino

Contact Franklin County Pool League Director
Clint Wells  
413-626-8485  or  CWells[at]

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