Our club is always in need of some TLC somewhere and we need your help – whether it be your labor and skills, your donation of materials, or both. You’ll see that we’ve done a lot, but there’s still a long way to go.

If you have an idea for a project, a vision for handling something that you see is a problem, or the ability to donate labor, skills or materials, please email Mark at shutesburyac[at]

Another thing. During the year we often have community work days. We will make announcements when they are happening. They are fun and helpers are usually fed and ‘watered’. Let us know if you would be willing (your schedule permitting) to help out during these times too.

Some of the past projects we have completed:

Replace ceiling tiles, refinished the wood floor in the back room, added gravel to the parking lot, installed new tile in the kitchen, painted the back room, installed a new woodstove in the backroom, bricked the hearth of the woodstove in the backroom, fixed the front room woodstove, and poured a beautiful cement patio in honor of Trix Hicks.